Monday, November 17, 2014

Art Update

I have just realized I haven't posted any art for a while. So I'm going to post a few things here. Specifically, I'm going to post the two listings on Redbubble that I just spruced up.

This one is from a photo that I took in Tonga. The original (which is "safely" stored on one of the many hard drives I have in my drawer that I keep intending to convert into external drives, so I can't currently access it) had a very bright blue sky, but the flowers were kind of faded in front of it. I also don't think it was very large.
A lot of the photo manipulation tricks I taught myself were originally ways to stretch my photos out without making them too blurry. Or, at least, to make them look artistically blurry.
But I always liked the way this one turned out. And our trips to Tonga have been incredible adventures.
Which is why I have crassly plastered our memories all over bags and cards and mugs and so forth.

The other listing I was fiddling with is the one everyone likes, which is this one here:

Oops, there it is in a frame like all the classics should be.

The Cherry-Tree Dragon is completely made from vectors, and I actually drew it sometime back in my first year of university (which was about... 15 years ago now? eek!).

I think it was actually supposed to be a good luck dragon for one of my friends who was nervous for an exam, but they didn't exactly appreciate it, so I usually conveniently forget that part.

A few months ago I actually went in and cleaned up the file (I love vectors so much, they are so easy to tweak) so it looked more professional. This little baby has sold on a few t-shirts which is freakin' cool, because one day I might run into one of those people and be able to shake their hand (and kiss their feet).

What I mean by saying I'm 'sprucing up the listing' is I'm basically adding it to some more groups in the hope of getting greater exposure and maybe sticking a few more key words on it and updating the image files so they can go on the newer products.

I was also going to start adding all of these to Zazzle since I got a sale recently on there even though I have hardly any listings and I got all excited, buuuuut I checked this morning and it's been refunded. Which was a bummer.
I'm also having a bit of trouble getting my tax information sorted through them, so I'm not in a hurry to spend hours putting all my work up there. Being a dual citizen is a pain in the arse sometimes.

Although I don't know why I'm suddenly becoming fussy about getting paid. I've certainly made some money doing this, but in terms of how much time I've put into it, it's got to be something like pennies per hour.

Still, I really like Redbubble, even if they don't have quite so many item types for sale.

Anyway, I'm also going to post my latest masterpiece (made with the helpful advice/prodding of my lovely sister Katie) so we end on a high note.

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