Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adventures in Teaching and Blogging

I am currently doing the grad. dip. in primary teaching at Massey. I just finished my first practicum (a 4 week block of working full time in a school).
 It was good, but very difficult. I adored the students and liked and respected my associate teacher, but I found disciplining the students (even just raising my voice) to be... unsustainable. Really made me depressed and anxious.
I think I might grow callous about it one day, but I don't want to. So, the bottom line is, I'm going to have to figure out a way of managing a classroom without using punitive methods. Or at least, not using them often.
Highlights included:
Making a massive Where the Wild Things Are mural with my kids.
When asked to write a description of herself (we told them, use words like "smart" and "fun" and "wonderful", one of the girls asked me how to spell "gangsta".
Reading to them. Particularly when I got to choose the story and they were into it. There is no audience like a group of captivated kids. Seriously. Poetry reading attendees should take note!

I am completely hanging out for Game of Thrones right now (there's spoilers for the second season in that link). I'm listening to Florence and the Machine and The Dismemberment Plan on my mp3 player. Oh and Pink. I'm wandering around Tumblr a lot. We should hang out there sometime.

I'm on a two week plan to try and make this blog more interesting, or at least more... me. I've got Tumblr for anyone who wants to visit with Joey DeLeen (my alter ego).
And I've just listed all my published works (so far) on this page right here.

Hopefully will see you again soon.