Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writing Competitions

I've been neglecting you, I know. But here. I've made a couple of sites for you. I'm planning to build them up over time to hopefully become good resources.

The first is a page listing competitions for New Zealand writers (and other art opportunities).

The second is a page with international free writing competitions. At the moment it only goes to September but I will add more soon!

Entering competitions is important for a couple of reasons. First, it trains you to let your work go. Some people (myself included) have a difficult time declaring their work finished and ready to go out to the world. Knowing that you have to put it into a competition tends to sharpen your editing skills.
Having a deadline is also a really good motivator. And competitions are good practice for submitting your work to other markets.
With all that, there's also the chance that you will place. This can help you to gauge your skill level and can give you some exposure, as well as prize money!
With free competitions you've got nothing to lose, so you've got no real excuses either.

Good luck!

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