Saturday, February 5, 2011


OK. This blog has gone through several revamps in the last few years. Most of these revamps have consisted of me flouncing in for one-two posts, announcing that my whole life has changed once again, and then flouncing out. not exactly compelling stuff.
Well, my life has changed again. I was doing the art thing, (which I still enjoy on the fringes of my life), and then I started doing the writing thing. Actually, mostly I started doing the writing thing to get the student allowance last year. I'd never thought of writing as something I needed lessons in. But, oh boy, did I need lessons. And the creative writing course at Whitireia was really great, I liked most of the tutors and they taught me a lot.

As my good friend said yesterday, turns out writing is what I'm for. And (da dada daaa) I finally managed to get into the Masters of Creative Writing at Victoria University.
I've tried to get into this course a couple of times before, and never made it. This time I got into Auckland and AUT as well... which was tempting, as they wanted me for my fiction application and Vic wants me to have a go at poetry.
Plus Auckland included a handwritten note, saying how pleased they were to have me, which I really appreciated.
But Vic... you don't turn down the MCW at Vic. It's the most prestigious in the country. My poetry tutor from last year, Hinemoana Baker, went there. Elizabeth Knox went there. They have Janet Frame's desk, just sitting there, in the front office (which I have already passed a dozen times and didn't realise what it was! Now I'm going to have to go back and oooh and aahh over it). It even has ties to the mother of all Creative Writing degrees, Iowa.
In fact, I am currently taking summer papers in prose and poetry, run by Iowa graduates, and pretty much I love them like I love puppies (ah, the classes, not the tutors. The tutors are pretty great though).
And if you know me, you know I really love puppies.
Plus, see how great my metaphors are now??

So, yeah, anyway, I do have a point.
I think I ought to be blogging about the Masters at Vic. It was hard to make a decision to choose it over Auckland and AUT, because it was hard to know what I was getting myself into. If I can encourage someone else to apply or decide who to choose, that would be great.
So, yeah, I'll try to be a regular poster from now on. No promises though.

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