Friday, March 19, 2010

B-day and other such shiny stuff

I got to go to see Neil Gaiman this past weekend and it was awesome! He spoke at the town hall, read some poetry (including 'Locks', which I think my mother really liked) and an excerpt from American Gods (do I even have to say which excerpt?)
Plus he signed my book in a signing that apparently went on for 3.5 hours... alas, all of those hours weren't spent just signing my book.

I also got to see The Pixies, who were also very very cool, and met a friend for the first time, although turns out we had more in common than might be reasonably expected.
Who am I kidding? It was freakin' crazy what, or should I say who, we had in common, but that's NZ for you.
Plus, she was awesome.

Then it was my 28th yesterday, and I got taken out for mexican and frozen margaritas by my sister and her man, and had a ball, and desserts at Dennys. Pretty much it was the best sort of Auckland night. We nattered on about our childhoods and aspirations, and as per usual these days I bludged off them (although they were very nice and claimed it was for my birthday) and promised great riches once my writing career takes off.
Or once I give up and get a 'real job' which I'm starting to realise will probably never happen, so I'd better get going with the writing thing, pronto.

So, tomorrow I'm off to Queenstown (I know, it sounds like my life is very exciting... people are very generous to me is all) which I'm looking forward to, although I'm not much for white water rafting and thats all thats in Qtown as far as I've ever heard :)

Keep safe all of you two people who read this thing, love and stars and pixies and magic and all things good for you.

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