Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Tardy Blog (and I can only use this title once!)

Well, so much for being regular. Lots of upheaval in my life, blah blah... I'm on holiday (from school anyway) right now so I have no excuses. Maybe blogging scares me a little. It always sounds better to say that than to admit you're just lazy.

He doesn't have a name, but I love him. Polymer clay and gold paint and fluffy marabou feathers.

There are a couple of new ACEO cards on there too ( including this one:

I hate my own calligraphy, although I've been told it's not too bad... so I used a homemade stencil on uneven paint to do the letters and I rather like the result... luckily because carving two sets of teeny alphabet letters into card was not something I like to do for kicks.

Also up tomorrow will put up this guy:

He looks lots better in person... I really really need a digital camera that can hande macro (yeah, I know, and yes it IS ancient... for a digital camera).
So aside from peddling to the masses what else is new? Well, rumours of my moving from my crappy appartment were vastly exagerated... by me. I said I would, right to the point of almost signing a new lease, but realised I really can't do it... I just cannot live with other people again. Once you learn how not to, you never really want to go back, I guess.
And I'm heading up to Auckland for Easter which should be fun, especially since we are going to spookers (yay! ). And also because I'm not taking an 8 hour bus ride... I'm flying. Flying is good.
Thanks for viewing!

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