Friday, March 6, 2009

First and Foremost...

Welcome to my Blog!  

This is the art blog of Rachel T. Sawaya, aka Duskchimes (, aka Last Little Bird (  I am currently at The Learning Connextion, an art school in New Zealand.  I'm starting this blog, well, to be blatant, in order to create a hub for all my commercial art ventures... i.e. on Etsy and Ebay.  But also because I like talking, and I'm a know it all... I know you all wanna get a piece of that!  

I tell people I'm not really an artist.  I am in the sense that I occasionally use images to express something (or in the sense that any kind of person who creates might be referred to as an artist), but I think of myself as more of a storyteller.  The image in and of itself isn't the important thing to me... which is why I'm probably never going to be famous (for art), because I don't care enough to really refine an image, and explore it to the point of "masterpiece".  
I just wanna tell that story.  
I also just wanna get out of the daily grind, and I just wanna be true to my ideals about quality and the obligations of a merchant. So, I do put some effort... well, lots actually, into each piece. 

I also (quite often now) get into that zen state that anyone who loves what they do can relate to... where time passes incredibly quickly, and beautiful things are accomplished.  Wonderful, except I always "wake up" with a stiff back.  The prices we pay.  

So this is my first blog, and I thought I would put some pictures of things I'm proud of here... these are the crayon sketches we've been doing in one of my classes.  They are all quite large.  The first one was done from a life model (with thanks!) in just a few minutes, the second from the same model over around an hour, and the others from black and white photos over a few hours.  

And this is the short movie I made in the first day of stop motion animation class (awesome school, no?).  Keep in mind that we only had a few hours to make this, including scanning in all the images and putting them into the computer.  Yes I'm proud, so sue me!  


Thank you for visiting!

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