Monday, July 27, 2009

Just another day

Hullo. Well, I've been MIA for a while, been moving out of the backlots of Capital City and into the main street of Little Beach Town.
The whole starving artist thing wasn't doing much for me... it's a lot easier in summer (or if you have a house with insulation!). Course this means I'm no longer on the ground at The Learning Connextion, but thats alright, I do my best work by myself anyway.

So, I've managed to do a bit of work since moving. I'm especially proud of this:

It's an ACEO, cool huh?

I've also managed to get a little flash fiction published on Twitter which is pretty awesome. You can check out my twitter feed for that.

I'm happy to be back with my cat and he seems quite gratful as well. And I got to spend time with my nephew a while back which was cool... he is one sweet little three year old.

And tonight I'm going to sign up to teach english to migrants, which I hope is going to be really fun... not much chance of West Africans being there, which of course would be wonderful as I could practise my terrible french, but still fun.

So, heres some more art :) And a mobile I'm selling on Etsy... which I would buy myself, if I hadn't already made one :) It glows in the dark.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

The happiness is mine.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wow... two blogs in one month...

I'm pretty excited... finally finished little fishie and his water baby pal.
Turns out I was being way too perfectionist on the first model... resulting in baking after baking, which eventually meant he was a wide range of colors, like he had a badly fitting swimsuit lines all over! Then his hand shattered... and I realised the poor boy was trying to tell me something. Like, STOP.
So, I started again, and this time I did it right. Started with a decent armature and only baked him a few times. He looks awesome!

If I do say so myself. So I'm going to have to think of my next project soon... and stock up on flesh colored clay! Might need some more orange too.
Anyway, if you want to see more pictures, he's going to be online on ebay tomorrow, and I'll try and post one of those lovely links then... just like I'm going to post one for etsy now. etsy where, by the way, some lovely person just bought ALL my ACEO's in one shot. How often does that happen?

Plus just signed up for twitter... I'm starting to get on a roll with this blogging thing, it seems... why not go nuts?

P.S. Angels and Demons is better than I expected... not really a thinker, and the twist was a bit heavy handed, but alright.
I'm getting sick of these bait and switch endings though... especially since they give you a nice ending and then pull out the rug... come on people, I need a bit of gooey, happy ending loviness sometime! Both Greys anatomy and House did it to me in their season finales(and its not like I watch Greys for the hard hitting drama... I watch it for the damn feel good gooeyiness).

P.P.S you might prefer not to ask why I, living in NZ, have seen both final episodes... plausible deniability.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Tardier Blog... ha!

Ok, it's been more than a month since I last posted. I've been up to Auckland (and Tauranga) and back, and already completed a week of school. Plus, I'm about 40 secs into my little stop motion movie! (see the cast of characters above... it's called The Compassionate Scorpions and its supposed to be mocking various 80's cartoons) It's coming together (relatively) fast... and of course looks just as sloppy as that implies, but people still laugh and that's what counts right? right????

So, anyways, I'm just going to have to post a link to a random page.

This blog is freakin awesome and I read it every morning with my coffee in hand. And this is pretty much my favourite list so far... Birds stealing icecream! Gotta love it.

So, what have I been up to? Well, apart from some very bizzare crayon drawings, set by a sadistic teacher (there I said it! He pretty much admitted it himself... he wanted us to suffer with the crayons so we'd appreciate the paint... I think he's sleep deprived because of his new infant and wanted to amuse himself by torturing poor students!). Yes that is a standard sized tin can for scale. No its not finished. No, it's never going to be finished.

I spent 3 bloody hours last night trying to (illegally, I'm sorry) download a movie that just kept fucking with me. But I got it eventually. I didn't even want to see it that much. It just pissed me off that the universe wanted to deprive me.
And it had the really annoying assumption in it that a Scotsman wouldn't know what basketball is. That, in fact, he would think it was netball. Um... I'm guessing, given the fact that they play basketball in the middle of sub-saharan Africa, they most likely at least know what is IS in Scotland. Yes, American culture is that prevalent.

At the moment I have half a fish... a fish in progress I suppose. And a waterbaby in progress to ride him. My mad polymer clay skills are starting to show... still learning however, and I burned poor baby's fingers.

This is the fish. He is tailess and finless so far.

This is Baby. This is his most appealing side! (at the moment anyway)

This is Baby letting it all hang loose. Yes, he will eventually have a hand, some non-burnt fingers and maybe even a face... Hopefully soon.

And last but not least, I finally finished my handsome Sebastian.

He might have freakishly short legs, but surely the heart shaped wings make up for it? No fluffy slippers here.

OK, methinks thats enough rambling about myself for one day. love ya. Shout out to my single follower right now... Katie, I know it's you! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Tardy Blog (and I can only use this title once!)

Well, so much for being regular. Lots of upheaval in my life, blah blah... I'm on holiday (from school anyway) right now so I have no excuses. Maybe blogging scares me a little. It always sounds better to say that than to admit you're just lazy.

He doesn't have a name, but I love him. Polymer clay and gold paint and fluffy marabou feathers.

There are a couple of new ACEO cards on there too ( including this one:

I hate my own calligraphy, although I've been told it's not too bad... so I used a homemade stencil on uneven paint to do the letters and I rather like the result... luckily because carving two sets of teeny alphabet letters into card was not something I like to do for kicks.

Also up tomorrow will put up this guy:

He looks lots better in person... I really really need a digital camera that can hande macro (yeah, I know, and yes it IS ancient... for a digital camera).
So aside from peddling to the masses what else is new? Well, rumours of my moving from my crappy appartment were vastly exagerated... by me. I said I would, right to the point of almost signing a new lease, but realised I really can't do it... I just cannot live with other people again. Once you learn how not to, you never really want to go back, I guess.
And I'm heading up to Auckland for Easter which should be fun, especially since we are going to spookers (yay! ). And also because I'm not taking an 8 hour bus ride... I'm flying. Flying is good.
Thanks for viewing!

Friday, March 6, 2009

First and Foremost...

Welcome to my Blog!  

This is the art blog of Rachel T. Sawaya, aka Duskchimes (, aka Last Little Bird (  I am currently at The Learning Connextion, an art school in New Zealand.  I'm starting this blog, well, to be blatant, in order to create a hub for all my commercial art ventures... i.e. on Etsy and Ebay.  But also because I like talking, and I'm a know it all... I know you all wanna get a piece of that!  

I tell people I'm not really an artist.  I am in the sense that I occasionally use images to express something (or in the sense that any kind of person who creates might be referred to as an artist), but I think of myself as more of a storyteller.  The image in and of itself isn't the important thing to me... which is why I'm probably never going to be famous (for art), because I don't care enough to really refine an image, and explore it to the point of "masterpiece".  
I just wanna tell that story.  
I also just wanna get out of the daily grind, and I just wanna be true to my ideals about quality and the obligations of a merchant. So, I do put some effort... well, lots actually, into each piece. 

I also (quite often now) get into that zen state that anyone who loves what they do can relate to... where time passes incredibly quickly, and beautiful things are accomplished.  Wonderful, except I always "wake up" with a stiff back.  The prices we pay.  

So this is my first blog, and I thought I would put some pictures of things I'm proud of here... these are the crayon sketches we've been doing in one of my classes.  They are all quite large.  The first one was done from a life model (with thanks!) in just a few minutes, the second from the same model over around an hour, and the others from black and white photos over a few hours.  

And this is the short movie I made in the first day of stop motion animation class (awesome school, no?).  Keep in mind that we only had a few hours to make this, including scanning in all the images and putting them into the computer.  Yes I'm proud, so sue me!  


Thank you for visiting!